Attending Virtual

Attending a Virtual Transition Seminar

Attending a Virtual Transition Seminar has been made easy. It offers all of the benefits of a face-to-face transition seminar, but is accessible from any location 24/7 using any smart device or computer.

What you can expect from this Virtual Transition Seminar

Access to a wealth of information regarding your transition in one online location

Insights, information and guidance that will help you plan and prepare for your transition from the ADF

Engage with stallholders and presenters in an online chat environment

Gain knowledge of the support services available to help you achieve your post transition goals

Attend live auditorium presentations by our guest speakers and presenters

How to Register

Below you will find information explaining how to register if you are a current serving ADF member, transitioned ADF member, family member or support person, or a guest.

Current Serving ADF Members

Current Serving ADF members wishing to attend the ADF Member and Family Virtual Transition Seminar must register through CAMPUS by searching Course ID ‘15234’ or ‘Virtual Transition’.

It is essential that ADF members register on CAMPUS and seek supervisor approval to attend, as well as receive further information to help you register. Registering via CAMPUS will ensure that your attendance will be recorded against your PMKeyS profile and granted leave from the workplace to take part in the Live Day.

Transitioned ADF Members

ADF members who have already transitioned simply click the ‘Register Now’ button below and submit a registration form, ensuring they select ‘Transitioned Member’ from the drop-down menu.

Family Members and Support People

ADF families and support people are encouraged to attend and participate in the ADF Member and Family Virtual Transition Seminar. Please click the ‘Register Now’ button below.


Guests are welcome to register and attend the ADF Member and Family Virtual Transition Seminar. Please click the ‘Register Now’ button below.

Finding Your Way Around

Seminar Entrance

Once logged in you will find yourself at the seminar entrance. Click the front doors of the venue to enter the seminar.

Main Lobby

After you have entered the seminar you will find yourself inside the main lobby, where you will have access to the auditoriums, exhibition halls and information desk.

lobby lp

Feedback Survey

The feedback survey gives attendees the opportunity to provide their comments regarding their virtual seminar experience. Transition Coaching & Support values feedback and encourages all attendees to participate in the feedback survey.

The feedback survey can be found in the main lobby of the virtual seminar.

Exhibition Hall

The exhibition halls are where stallholders will have their booths set up. There are 9 exhibitions halls:

  • National
  • ACT
  • NSW
  • QLD
  • SA
  • WA
  • NT
  • VIC
  • TAS

It is recommended ADF members and their families browse the National exhibition hall as well as the State or Territory exhibition hall in the location they are transitioning to. The National exhibition hall includes organisations who offer support and services across Australia. The State and Territory exhibition halls include organisations that provide support and services in that location only.


Virtual Showbag

As you make your way around the exhibition halls, you will be able to collect documentation and media from stallholder booths and place this in your Virtual Showbag. When you are finished for the day, you can simply email the contents of your bag to yourself or download directly to your device.


The auditoriums are where the seminar presenters will be hosting their presentations on the Live Day. You will find the schedule of presentations below. If you are unable to attend you can view the presentations shortly after the session has been completed, or at any time thereafter. During the Live Day presenters will be hosting a live chat at the end of their presentation where attendees can ask questions. Attendees can also chat to a representative at their respective booth throughout the day.